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June 29, 2015


Shaft LokTM has been making marine propeller locks since 1979.  Improvements have been a part of everyday activity.  So as many Shaft Lok users have commented that it takes a lot of skill and patience to slow the boat down enough to lock a Shaft LokTM unit, we have made an easier locking mechanism our top priority. After years of design discussion (and yes, plenty of arguments), testing in house and on the water the EASY LOKTM unit has been developed.

What's Different?
The reason the Two V Notch Unit requires that the yacht be slowed down to lock is that the locking pin needs time to get into one of the rotating disc V notches.  Refer to the COVER link (at the bottom of page one) to view the front of the Shaft LokTM bulletin.  The locking pin is in one of the V notches.  The other V notch is evident at the bottom of the unit.  The time requirement is related to the speed of the rotating propeller shaft.  The faster the propeller shaft turns the less time there is to lock the unit.

Therefore the EASY LOKTM in June 1999.
The prop shaft static torque is unidirectional.  Once the unit is installed only one side of the V notch is used.  So the other side of the V notch was eliminated with the EASY LOKTM design increasing the opening and the time factor by seventeen fold making it easier to lock but with the identical holding power.

Also, the locking pin end is redesigned to a concave form to mate with the rotating disc outside diameter.  This design gives the pin more area making it more durable.

However, the unit must be orientated properly during installation. 

If, when viewed from the stern of the boat, the propeller shaft rotates clockwise when sailing not powering, install the EASY LOKTM unit with the name plate facing aft.  If the propeller shaft rotates counter clockwise install the EASY LOKTM unit with the name plate facing forward.

Usually the shaft rotation is the same powering forward or sailing without the engine operating.  But in the case of the AUTOPROP & MAX PROP feathering propellers (and there may be others) the powering forward rotation and sailing rotation are opposite!

EASY LOKTM is the same size, uses the same housing, cable and anti torque bracket as the original Two V Notch Unit.

                                              EASY LOKTM MOD II UNIT WITH CABLE & ANTI TORQUE BRACKET:

The photo shows the rotating disc 45 degree ramp just before contacting the brown locking pin (the locking end is visible with a mating 45 degree ramp).  When sailing, not powering, the propeller shaft rotation should turn the Easy Lok disc 45 degree ramp into the brown locking pin mating 45 degree ramp.

Ken Nigel

Shaft Lok Inc.