S/V Sea Ya II  1994 MacGregor 65                          February 24, 2010


This is a list of equipment that Anne and I added to the boat after purchase in June 1999.  The list is in no particular order.


Captain quarter’s mattress changed to a custom dual cushion design totally wrapped      with batting.     


The three cockpit cushions were two inch thick.   We changed to three inch thick closed cell foam and new covering material.


All interior cushions (except the “L” shaped seat in the Captains Quarters) were changed to a new firmer foam composite.


110 Ampere Dual Belt Single Foot Alternator and Regulator for the main engine.


Avon RIB 310 year 2000, 10 foot long Dingy.


HP Yamaha 2 Stroke Outboard Motor with Three Gallon Gas Tank, year 2008.


Danforth type Dingy Anchor, 10 feet of galvanized chain and 20 feet of rope rode.


Three type II Near Shore Life Jackets (for the dingy).


Dingy Sunbrella Cover.


ICOM M710 Single Sideband Radio with a Whip and Line Antennas.


Pactor IIe DSP Control for Sail Mail (email communication).


Asymmetrical downwind Sail designed for an Irwin 54.


ATN Tacker which is fitted to the bottom of furled yankee jib sail to accept the Asymmetrical Sail tack.


Mast head Topping Lift.


Twin Spinnaker Halyards and Sheets.


200 feet of Nylon Braded 1” diameter Anchor Rode affixed to the Fortress auxiliary anchor.

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EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon, Rapid Fix 406 Cat. I (RLB 33)            November 1999.


Floating Ditch Bag (Abandon Ship) from West Marine, Flares, Water, Kite, REM Rations, Whistles and Solar Blankets.


First Aid Kit Complete.


Six Man Life Raft SAR-6-MK11 Switlik purchased March 2001 which needs an inspection.


Bilge Pumps added:  Two small “Thirsty Mate” Manual Portables, Two Automatic Float Design 12V Rule (Engine Room, Aft AC Condensation Sump).


Dinner ware: Assorted Dishes, Plates, Bowls, Utensils and Knives.


Two Marinco Power Cords 50 and 25 feet, 50 amp. 125/250V, 3 Pole 4 Wire with adapters.


10 x 30 foot Sunbrella Deck Awning with 3 foot Side Panels which shades the boat from the mast to the stern steps. The Awing is supported by the topping lift and main halyard.


Twin cockpit aluminum seat back rests that fold down for easy passage the engine room and aft stern steps.


NAVIGATION BOOKS   Over two dozen area cruising books.

·  United States Coast Guard Navigation Rules March 2001.

·  Nautical Chart #1 USA.

·  Atlantic Coast Light Lists; Volume II 1999 and Volume III 1999.

·  US Coast Pilot, Cape Cod to Sandy Hook, 30th Edition, #2.

·  US Coast Pilot, Sandy Hook (Chesapeake to Long Island), 33rd Edition, #3.

·  US Coast Pilot, Cape Henry to Key West, 31st Edition, #4.

·  Mariners Weather Log, April 1999, volume 39, #1.

·  Southern Waterway Guide, Florida to Mexico.

·  Cruising the Chesapeake by Wm. Shellenberger.

·  The Inter Coastal Waterway by M/M Moeller.

·  Cruising Guide to Cuba by S. Charles.                                  

·  Atlantic Coast by MapTech, 2nd Edition.                                           Page two of three.

·  The Cruising Guide to Abaco, 2000.

·  The Abaco Guide by S. Pavlidis.

·  On & Off the Beaten Path by S. Pavlidis.

·  Exuma Guide by S. Pavlidis.                                                 

·  The Turks and Caicos by Pavlidis.

·  The Spanish Virgin Islands by B. Van Sant.

·  Virgin Islands by M/M Scott.

·  Guide to the Virgin Islands.

·  Leeward Islands by C. Boyle, 2001.

·  Windward Islands by C. Boyle, 2001.

·  The Gentlemen's Guide to Passages South by B. Van Sant.

·  Cruising Guide to Trinidad & Tobago by C. Doyle.

·  Streets Cruising Guide to the Eastern Caribbean, Venezuela by Donald Street Jr. 1980.

·  Cruising Guide to Venezuela & Bonaire by C. Doyle 2002.

·  Caribbean Tour Book 2006.

·  Yachting Guide to ABC Islands.

·  The ABC Islands by Waterson & d. Van de Rei, January 2006.

CHARTS: (Several thousand dollars) This is a partial listing. All the charts that we used to cruise for about 8 years are included. Cruising area is outlined in the second page of the boat’s web site document.    http://www.shaftlok.com/MacGregor65ForSale.htm

·  Caribbean #2 Anguilla to Antigua C21 to C27.                     

·  Caribbean #3 Guadelope to Martinque C31 to C37.

·  Caribbean #4 St. Lucia to Grenada C41 to C46.

·  The Bahamas including Turks & Caicos.

·  The Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico.

·  Florida East Coast & The Keys.

·  Cuba.

·  Trinidad to Curacao.

·  Ft. Lauderdale 11470.                                                                      


Equipment Manuals:

·  Mercury Cruiser Service Manual #21.

·  Mercury Cruiser Parts Catalog.

·  Kubota Diesel Generator GL Series.



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