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MacGregor 65. email:

S/V Sea Ya II at anchor in 15 feet of water, Barlovento Island, Aves, Venezuela, April 2006.  Notice how the mid hatch, just under the boom, and the fore hatch open towards the bow.  When anchored the boat faces the wind therefore offering a nice cooling breeze.


Built in 1994 by MacGregor Yachts USA in GRP to American Bureau of. Shipping standards and inspection.  Six foot wing fin keel.  Balanced spade rudder.  Designed and built for offshore use.

February 24, 2010

Ken & Anne Marie Nigel
13225 W. Foxwood Drive
New Berlin, WI 53151 USA
Phone 262 786 8924

We bought the sailboat in June 1999 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Since that time we have spent about 6 months a year living on Sea Ya II. Our travels: Key West to Chesapeake Bay in the state of Maryland, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Leeward and Windward Caribbean Islands south to Trinidad (where we were based for four years), Venezuela's Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela's out islands, Bonaire and Curacao. 

We sailed back to Ft. Lauderdale in May 2008.

BUILDER: MacGregor Yachts
YEAR BUILT: Late 1994, launched in 1995, original name, Erotika.
Hull Number: 92
DESIGNER: MacGregor Yachts
MODEL: MacGregor 65 Pilothouse, Cutter Rigged Sloop.


Is the MacGregor 65 a STRONG boat?

Sea Ya II, a 1994 MacGregor 65 is built to exceed American Bureau of Shipping fiberglass construction requirements with an ABS +A1 classification.  Refer to the nine page document containing a detailed explanation of the construction and materials: AMERICAN BUREAU OF SHIPPING CERTIFICATE, H-9427444, 15 December 1994.  Hull number 92 launched as S/V Erotika.  We changed the name to Sea Ya II.


ABS approves the structural plan of the boat and specifies hull thickness, bulkhead (transverse) thickness, stringer size and material strength requirements.  ABS states: “In general, the hull is to be longitudinally framed with the deck and shell longitudinals supported by transverse web rings, transverse bulkhead or a combination of both…hard spots are to be avoided…”

                                                      ABS Requirement                               MacGregor Actual

Tensile Strength                                    18,000 psi                                            29,300 psi

Tensile Modulus                                   1,100,000                                            1,600,000

Shear Strength                                      11,000 psi                                            14,340 psi

Compressive Strength                           17.000 psi                                            34,030 psi

Compressive Modulus                          1,000,000                                            1,900,000       

Flexural Strength                                   25,000 psi                                            52,860 psi

Flexural Modulus                                  1,100,000                                            1,700,000


Most governments require rating bureau certification on large yachts.  The ABS certification widens the market for the MacGregor 65. 


The MacGregor 65 is also eligible for the United States Coast Guard certification, allowing the commercial use of the boat for up to 44 passengers.

MacGregor Inc. improved the boat’s strength dramatically in 1992 by making major design changes.    Several projects involved improving the transverse and longitudinal hull strength.  Increasing hull section thickness, adding seven continuous (meaning that the bond is without gaps) bulkheads along with the continuous longitudinal stringers significantly improves the boat integrity.  The deck is secured to the hull with stainless bolts on six inch centers adding 5200 sealant 100 percent of the circumference insuring a strong and water tight bond.

Click on  to view the 16 page colored brochure loaded with specifications and photographs.  There is a MacGregor 65 brochure on the internet but it does not have page 12 which covers the engine, soundproofing, rudder control, engine heat and odor, thrust and propeller details.

Two Sea Ya II Boat Surveys; May 2005 Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela and January 2003 Trinidad. 

PHRF_Rating_certificate.pdf   For an independent assessment of performance consider the rating given to the 65s by the Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF).   PHRF was a racing handicap system used in the mid 1990s that was based on performance, not the design of the boat.  Race results have been tabulated over years of racing.  The result is a system that gives the relative speed on real racing history.  The handicap number is expressed in seconds per mile.  At a minus 12 rating SEA YA II is 75 seconds faster that the Swan 57 (a $400k yacht) at +63 so in a hundred mile race Sea Ya II is rated just over two hours faster.  The lower the number the faster the boat:

Hunter 40         +102                Swan 57           +63                  Tayana 52        +138

C & C 62         +24                  12 Meter          +24                  Valiant 40         +138

Catalina 42       +105                Baltic 51           +60                  Ericson 41        +132

Irwin 52           +102                J40                   +87                  Peterson 52      +54


MacGregor 65 for sale! email:

Sea Ya II at the end of our sailing season with a haul out in Trinidad June 2001.  A wonderful place to keep a boat when cruising the Caribbean island chain.  The prices are about half of Florida and the weather is wonderful.  This is a major rework port for ocean oil rigs so there are plenty of skilled help and boat suppliers.  Notice how close the propeller is to the rudder.  This design insures great maneuvering even when backing the boat.

Length Over All; 65 feet (19.8 meters),     Water Line Length; 63 feet (19.2 meters),       Draft; 6 feet (1.8 meters)       Beam; 12 feet (3.7 meters)

DISPLACEMENT: 15 TON (13,608 kilograms)

BALLAST: 12,000 Pounds (5443 kilograms) NASA 9% Airfoil Shaped Lead Fin with Wings.

TANKAGE:    Water; 225 gallons (851 liters),        Fuel; 250 gallons (946 liters)           Holding Tank; unknown capacity.

In 1995 MacGregor Inc. produced a sixteen page color brochure that shows our boat perfectly.  The brochure is also online at 

The boat is set up for long distance cruising.  Details of the equipment we added to the vessel for cruising   Equipment_Added.htm

There are accommodations for 8 people (10 actually if the two bunks in the engine compartment are included) however that certainly would be a full boat. Twice we invited five crew members to join us (Antigua Race Week in May of 2002 and for an offshore race out of Key West) which was great fun. Generally, we limit the number of guests to two to four people.

There are two heads (Bathrooms) utilizing Vacu Flush systems by Sea Land Tech which are popular on Mega Yachts.  There are three pressured fresh water (hot and cold) showers, one in each head and one on the stern steps.  

Large twin Aqua Air conditioners, one located under forward stateroom V berth and the other under the companion way staircase cooling the boat.
There are twelve opening ports with curtains and screens. These ports along with the main companion way entrance, a mid hatch and fore hatch ventilate the boat very well. All cabin cushions inserts have been upgraded within the last two years.

BELOW DECK COMPARTMENTS:  See page two for a detailed boat drawing.

Anchor & Rope Locker  

Forward Stateroom

Forward Head/Shower

Main Salon


Navigation & Inside Steering Stations

Master Bathroom

Master Stateroom

Engine Room

Rudder/Autohelm Station

Anchor & Rope Locker is self bailing, about 8 feet (2.4 meters) long just ahead of a watertight bulkhead. The area has been upgraded for storage of anchor chain, spare anchor/rode, fenders, chafing gear and dock lines. While at sea nothing stored on the deck. The anchor locker has a watertight flat deck a foot or so above the hull bottom adding greater strength and security.


MacGregor 65 for sale! email:


Look way up forward at the bow.  The anchor locker (which is self bailing) hatch is left open when we lay the boat up.  This prevents mold on the stored sheets and lines. All sails are removed because we are about to put the boat (June 2006) on the hard for six months.   Halyard pennants run.  Some of the halyards are sitting on the twin mast pulpits.     The mid hatch is in the main salon, just aft of the mast, is open.   The black hose at the mast partner is hydraulic for the boom vang.   Zero leaks on the entire deck including the mast partner.


·  Lewmar Anchor Windlass 2000 Series for Chain or Rope Rode, 12Volt Dual Direction foredeck foot Air Switches and helm station remote.

·  Delta Fast Set 88 Pound (40 kilogram) Anchor.

·  200 feet (61 meters) of 3/8 inch (9.5mm) G-4 High Test Galvanized Chain with Stainless Steel Swivel to the Delta.

·  Fortress Aluminum FX85 Anchor which disassembles for storage.

·  200 feet (61 meters) of Nylon Braided 1 inch (25.4mm) diameter Rode affixed to the Fortress.

·  Double Anchor Rollers on bow pulpit.

Forward Stateroom is on the other side of a watertight bulkhead with a large V berth, two seats, upper and lower bunks, double hanging locker, private Forward Head/Shower and two drawer cabinet and sink.  This bathroom is accessible from the main salon and the Forward Stateroom.  Solar/Battery Ventilator and an opening port provide ventilation.  A large secure hatch is located directly over the V berth.  Several Mac65 owners have installed a washer and dryer in the two seats area adjacent to the V berth.  Under the V berth is the Offshore Marine Laboratories Water Maker model 500 Agean measured at 23 gallons (42 liters) per hour and one of the twin Aqua Air Conditioners.

Sea Ya II has added a Large Storage Shelf about 7 feet long by 2 feet wide (2.1 x .6 meters) with a lee cloth in the Forward Stateroom to function as food pantry and dry goods storage area. The existing Lower Berth with storage underneath is still utilized.

This Forward Stateroom closes off from the rest of the boat for some nice privacy and quiet.



MacGregor 65 for sale! email:


This large V berth (about 8 feet, 2.4 meters, long) is nice at an anchorage but a little noisy sailing at 10 knots. The fore hatch opens forward allowing the breeze into the boat. This area is one of the coolest areas on the boat during the day.  At night in the Caribbean we sleep with covers. The cushions are new and firm. Reading lamps and speakers on both sides.  Doors close off the V berth for privacy. 

The mirror at the forward end of the V Berth is attached to the watertight bulkhead. The stay sail stay attaches to this bulkhead. In front of the bulkhead is the eight foot long anchor locker containing lines, fenders, anchor chain and rope and spare anchor.  The large storage anchor locker makes it possible to sail with nothing stored on the deck. The former owner (1994 to 1999) did a nice job here. We are the second owners.

Aft of the Forward Stateroom is the Main Salon which is the entertainment and dining area. A centered table with drop down sides open up the area when not needed. There are two berths, two vertical storage closets that in our case contain a TV by AudioVox (which is on a LuCasey Swivel Pedestal), DVD (12 CDs) Player, JVC Tape-CD-Radio (bulkhead flush mounted). The boat has a total of six marine speakers.  There is an overhead hatch and two opening ports with shades and screens.

Aft of the Main Salon is the Galley. On the port side the counter top is eight feet long with double sink with fresh (including a water filter system) and sea water at hand. Using sea water to rinse dishes initially saves on fresh water which is important when at sea for long periods. There are two cabinets under the counter each with three water tight containers for food storage. Also under the counter is a small refrigerator/freezer Norcold Tek II dual electric (AC or DC) DE-541 December 2001 (which makes a few ice cubes) has 2.8 cubic feet capacity and uses about 3.8 amperes per hour.  There is under counter space for a trash bin.  The galley has the main companion way hatch overhead which ventilates the galley nicely.  There are two large galley ports which have shades and screens.  The galley is brightened by the Pilot House windows (shades are available) which allow the cook, who is not buried deep in the boat, but able to look out over the main deck.  The emergency propane shut off valve is on the galley counter rail just aft of the oven.  The oven is fronted by a stainless steel safety bar.


·  Hille Range Propane Three Burner Stove & Oven.

·  Twin Propane Tanks mounted above deck level on poop deck.

·  Eight Piece Set "Ocean Waves" white/blue Corelle Dishes, Dinner, Salad Plates and Bowls.

·  Coffee mugs and plastic glasses.

·  12 inch (304.8mm) Teflon fry pan, 3 sizes of aluminum pots with covers, pasta strainer, bread pan, roti pan (flat aluminum circle).

·  One Stainless Steel Coffee Pot.

·  One Black Carafe and Funnel for Drip Coffee.

·  Assorted Dining Utensils and Knives.

On the starboard side of the Galley under the Navigation Station is a large dual cavity (freezer and vegetable bin) 12 volt Technautics Refrigeration system. The system was upgraded with R-Matte insulation R-6.4 value.


MacGregor 65 for sale! email:


The stove/oven is in the foreground.   The double sinks are in the middle of the eight foot (2.4 meters) counter with fresh and sea water available.  A small refrigerator with a tiny freezer at the end of the counter.  A shade is covering one of the two opening ports just above the dual sinks.  The two shades above that port are on the Pilot House which is above the deck.   The large cold storage area is on the starboard side under the elevated navigation station.  This area used to be the engine compartment in the early generation of Mac boats.  You'll love having the engine in the stern and out of the middle of the boat.  The photo is taken while standing next to the companion stair way.




MacGregor 65 for sale! email:


Photo taken from the main salon.  Part of the mid hatch which is in the main salon is shown at the top left corner.  The black cabinet doors on the right starting from the foreground: small AC/DC refrigerator, (under double sink) storage area-trash basket, cabinet with three food storage bins, stove/oven, cabinet with three storage bins that contain silverware, pots and pans.   Spice rack at eye level is 8 feet (2.43 meters) long.


The main companion way sliding hatch and steps leading to the cockpit are in the sun light.  To the right of the stairs is a door way to the Master Stateroom.


At the bottom left is the huge Technautics Refrigeration cold storage area.


Navigation & Inside Steering Stations are located on the starboard side opposite the galley and above the huge Technautics Refrigeration cold storage area.  Equipped with a double seat, Single Side Band and VHF Radios, Radar (which requires repair), Engine and Rudder Controls and Sonar. The station offers 360 degree view.  This is the best seat in the house offering a great place to control the boat in bad weather, send emails, do the navigation, talk to your friends and family via Skype (for Free!!) or just relaxing with a coffee while at anchor in a quiet lagoon.  The aft bathroom is visible behind the double seat.  There are two sets of Micro Commander Electronic engine throttle and transmission controls; outside cockpit helm station and inside the cabin in the Steering Station.

MacGregor 65 for sale! email:

The photo is page 5  of the MacGregor 1995 sales brochure showing Sea Ya II’s design except for the little port at the end of the seat.

The sales brochure calls this area the Inside Steering Station. This is an unusual design that is not found in most sailboats. The navigator is not buried deep in  the boat but rather perched up to view just above deck level. A comfortable two person forward facing bench seat with back support and a large chart table provides the navigator with an efficient work station. There is plenty of storage under the bench seat and in the chart table. This is also a great place for the radio work, emails, Skype or listening to the SSB for news of fellow cruisers.

·  Micro Commander Engine Throttle and Transmission Control.

·  AutoHelm 7000 remote electronic steering module.

·  Radar by Raytheon which is "Sea Talk" designed meaning that the screen is able to show all the information available to the helmsperson. The radar screen is inoperable.

·  Sonar by Probe Interphase - forward looking undersea "radar", 1200 feet (365 meters) at 12 degrees searching for floating steel containers that may have fallen off a freighter.

·  The Radar and Sonar are wired so that they can be mounted at the outside helm station.

·  ICOM M710 Single Sideband Radio, serviced with a Whip or Line Antennas.

·  Pactor IIe DSP Control.

·  VHF Radio by Raytheon.

·  Tank Tender is a water and fuel pressure gauge which is inoperable.

The Master Bathroom with Shower, Sink and two drawer Cabinet is located just behind the navigation station and galley.  This bathroom is accessible from the galley and the Master Stateroom.  Solar/Battery Ventilator (which means continuous operation) and an opening port provide ventilation.

The faucet in each Head is fitted with home like water filters.

Aft of the galley is the Master Stateroom with larger than Queen Size Bed, Sofa, Large Double Hanging Locker and Desk/Vanity with two drawers.  Stored under the sofa or spare bunk on starboard side is an aluminum emergency tiller about 15 feet (4.6 meters) long.  The engine Battery System and Atwood Water Heater (dual heated by the main engine or 120 volt) are located under the large queen size bed.  The Master Stateroom has four opening ports with screens and shades.   Two reading lamps at the head of the bed are perfect for getting back to your favorite book at the end of the day. Of course the master stateroom is Air Conditioned as is all of the living areas of the boat.



MacGregor 65 for sale! email:


The reflection comes from a mirror that surrounds the cabin. The black narrow strip above the pillows is hiding a shelf that also rings the cabin and which is used daily. There is a narrow bunk shaped like an upside down J (you can just see part of the bunk at the left side of the closest pillow).  There is a small two bin cabinet behind the door. The aft head is accessible from this stateroom.

At the foot of the queen size bed is the battery selector switch and just barely visible is the windlass enabler. We store the shore cables and fittings, duffle bags (which we use when traveling to and from the boat), 100 feet (30.5 meters) of TV cable wire, a complete supply of hoses and other stuff. We replaced the rug a few years ago.

The best pictures of the Engine Room are in the MacGREGOR sales 1995 brochure page 12 showing three photos on top of the page   which is the same design as Sea Ya II.

Engine Room containing the main 150hp diesel engine, 110 Volt generator set, Twin Berths used for storage and Heart Freedom 25 Inverter/Generator.   The Mercury Marine Diesel, 5 cylinder (is one smooth running engine), 150hp D183 serial number D0725013 turbo charged with 1568 hours. This engine was commissioned by Mercury built by VM Moteroli in Italy sent to Brussels for installation of the turbo charger. Mercury recently sold diesel rights to Cummings Diesel Corporation.

When we purchased the boat (June 1999) the engine had about 250 hours on the meter. We are the second owners.   Transmission is a Hurth V Drive, HWS630 serial number 17-13280 ratio 2.53:1.  The propeller shaft is stainless steel 1.5 inch (38.1mm) diameter with a Packless Prop Shaft Sealing System.  A large strut supports the propeller with a cutlass bearing near the propeller.   Spurs Line, Net and Weed Cutter on Prop Shaft just aft of the strut.
The prop is a 20 inch (508mm) MaxProp three bladed feathering model.

*   Engine High Temperature Alarm system.
*  Two stainless steel Solar/Battery ventilators.
*  There is a Security Switch hidden in the Engine Room. Turn it off and engine controls (Micro Commander throttle and transmission controls) will not operate.

There are two sets of Micro Commander Electronic engine throttle and transmission controls; cockpit helm station and inside the cabin in the Pilot House.
The engine's recirculation cooling system provides heat for the water heater so hot showers are available upon anchoring.
The 110 ampere dual belt single foot alternator is designed to fully charge the batteries during short periods of the main engine operation.
This drive system is located in the back of the boat under the helm station. This is a practical location. This design allows operation of the engine without noise, vibration, odors and the like to reach the main living area of the vessel. Also, during engine maintenance it is possible to fully access the engine without disrupting normal activities inside the boat.

Engine Room Continued:
The AC GENERATOR SYSTEM located on the boat center line is just aft of the main engine.  The generator is by Phasor of Ft. Lauderdale. A simple system designed for long life and easy maintenance. Instead of an integral engine and generator a separate belt driven 6.2KW generator is powered by a 12hp two cylinder Kubota diesel engine 1929 hours. The Heart Freedom 25 Inverter/Generator 2500 watts manages the 120 volt system charging the batteries and providing 120 volt power throughout the vessel. The system also powers the water heater and the refrigerators/freezers.

The engine compartment contains two long berths on either side of the Mercury and Kubota engines. These bunks are use for storage of spare parts, tools, dry/wet goods and the Six Man Life Raft SAR-6-MK11 Switlik purchased March 2001 which needs an inspection.

Rudder/Autohelm Station (under the stern swim steps) is just aft of the Engine Room contains the AutoPilot 7000 Hydraulic Automatic Steering System, four inch (101.6mm) diameter rudder shaft with bearings and quadrant controlling the cable steering. The stern steps have a sealed access port for the emergency tiller.

MacGregor 65 for sale! email:

This is Sea Ya II May 2, 2004 near Bequia (S.E. Caribbean) on a close reach with only a main and staysail doing over 8 knots. The Mac65s move! The old main was recently replaced with a Dacron full batten sail.   Not shown is the yankee cut head sail added May 2004; 14 oz. Dacron, 100% fore triangle, 820 square feet, Black UV Sunbrella outer cover, articulating foam luff to maintain sail shape by Barow Sails in Trinidad.

There is a total capacity of about 700 ampere hour Gel Cell batteries located in the Master Stateroom installed new in April 2006. The power is divided into two house banks and an isolated engine starting system bank.

The Heart Link 2000R Ideal Battery Charger Regulator controls all the power distribution and battery charging with DC to AC auto switching, inverter or AC incoming including three stage battery charging system. This is an excellent system that allows the owner to manage the battery cycles and life. The 2000R is conveniently located in the Pilot House next to the beer cooler. A smart move!

MacGregor 65 for sale! email:

Sea Ya II coming into Bequia at the days end.   Most of the time Anne and I cruised alone.  The boat was designed for short handed sailing so it is easy to sail.  Both head sails have roller furling.  The main is equipped with a stack pack which catches the sail while being dropped.  The old main was recently replaced with a Dacron full batten sail.  


               ·  Masthead Mounted Aqua Signa Tri Color.

               ·  Mast Mounted Steaming Light.

               ·  Masthead Mounted Anchor Light.

               ·  Running Lights on Bow and Stern Pulpits.

               ·  Masthead Mounted Lightning No-Strike System.

               ·  Masthead Mounted Radar Reflector.

               ·  Masthead Mounted Windex.


MacGregor 65 for sale! email:

Sea Ya II Yes, life is good. The old main was recently replaced with a Dacron full batten sail which has two reefing points.   


·  New Yankee head sail, May 2004, 14 oz. Dacron, 100% fore triangle, 820 square feet, Black UV Sunbrella outer cover, Articulating Foam Luff to maintain sail shape by Barow Sails in Trinidad.

·  Two Stay Sails, 400 square feet, one Spectra and one Dacron, both in good condition. 

·  The Main, 540 square feet, is Dacron with Harken BattCars, Full Length Battens, Two Jiffy Reef Points.  This sail needs repair or replacement.

·  Asymmetrical downwind sail designed for an Irwin 54 with ATN Tacker.


·  Twin Spinnaker Halyards and Sheets.

·  Yankee, Stay Sail, Main Halyards and Sheets.

·  Main Outhaul.

·  Main Sunbrella Stack Pack 2005.

·  Stay Sail Self Tacking Track and Car.

·  Topping Lift.

·  Harken Adjustable headsail sheet cars.

·  Harken Yankee and Stay Sail Furling Systems.

·  Navtec Hydraulic Twin Back Stays and Boom Vang.

·  Rope Jibe Preventer System.

·  Lewmar Self Tailing Winches, Two #40 on Mast, Two #40 and Two #52s in the Cockpit.

·  Main Mast (Mast Pulpit) Safety Bars.

MacGregor 65 for sale! email:

Sea Ya II May 2, 2004 near Bequia. The oversized Delta Anchor with heavy chain rode produces tranquil harbor visits. The old main was recently replaced with a Dacron full batten sail.  


MacGregor 65 for sale! email:

Sea Ya II’s taxi is tied to the stern allowing our afternoon guest a place to take a break after lunch.   A good Dink is essential when cruising and using the local anchorage instead of a marina dock.  The 10 foot (3.1 meter) Avon will hold four people plus luggage.


·  Dingy is a hard bottom Avon RIB 310 2000 10 feet (3.1 meter) long with handy forepeak storage locker and four lifting rings.

·  Dingy was fitted with gray Sunbrella cover March '05 including Seat Storage and Anchor Rode Bag, Engine and Gas Tank Covers.

·  5HP Yamaha two stroke 2008 Outboard Engine (10  hours) with Three gallon Gas Tank.

·  Danforth type Dingy Anchor, 10 (3.1 meter) feet of galvanized chain and 20 feet (6.1 meter) of rope rode.

·  About 20 feet of Stainless Steel Sunbrella Covered Chain and Lock.

·  A gas filter system added January '06.

·  Painter. 

·  Three type II Near Shore Life Jackets stored in the dink seat bag handing under the seat.

·  Heavy Duty Aluminum Dingy Davits on Stern.



MacGregor 65 for sale! email:


Dink is an Avon RIB 310, year 2000, 10 feet long (3.1 meters) with handy forepeak storage locker and four lifting eyes.  The new large gas filter was added.  The outboard is a 5hp Yamaha two stroke 2008 Outboard with Three gallon Gas Tank.


We just had the dink covered in gray Sunbrella.  There are twin propane tanks located at the base of the davits above deck level.  The swim steps are in use frequently while at anchor.  DO NOT GET A BOAT WITHOUT SWIM STEPS.  The Sunbrella bimini (7 years) needs to be replaced. We have a preventer rig for downwind sailing that leads back to the cockpit. Ask us about it when you come down to see the boat. The white tall antenna just to the right of the engine is for the Single Side Band (SSB) radio. The small black dot under the dink is Sunbrella protecting the hot/cold fresh water shower fixture from the sun.


·  EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon, Rapid Fix 406 Cat. I (RLB 33) November '99.

·  Floating Ditch Bag (Abandon Ship) from West Marine, Flares, Water, REM Rations, Whistles and Solar Blankets.

·  Switlik Six Man Life Raft (S/N; sar6-163 March 2001) which needs inspection.

·  Numerous Personal Man Overboard Lights.

· Four Offshore United States Coast Guard approved life vests contained in two canvas containers.

·  5HP Yamaha two stroke 2008 Outboard with Three gallon Gas Tank.

·  Danforth type Dingy Anchor, 10 feet of galvanized chain and 20 feet of rope rode.

·  About 20 feet of Stainless Steel Sunbrella Covered Chain and Lock.

·  First Aid Kit complete.

·  Four Kidde Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers.

·  One Smoke Alarm.

·  United States Coast Guard Approved Life Sling-Man Overboard Retrieval System.

·  Visaball Radar Reflector Masthead Mounted.

MacGregor 65 for sale! email:

Sea Ya II May 2, 2004 near Bequia. The boat is moving fast without much fuss and spray. Note that we have the mid hatch open. The narrow and long hull is easily driven means it does not need a huge amount of sail to get it to double digits making for comfortable performance. The old main was recently replaced with a Dacron full batten sail.    


·  Two Whale Manual (Cockpit for the Engine Room and one in Main Salon).

·  Two small "Thirsty Mate" Manual Portables.

·  Three Automatic Float Design 12V Rule (Engine Room, Forward Salon, Forward Air Conditioner Condensation Sump).

·  One "Switch On" 12V Rule, Galley Bilge and Aft Air Conditioner Condensation Sump.

·  One "Switch On" 12V Diaphragm for Engine Room and Main Salon.

·  Two Shower 12V Diaphragm for heads.

·  One New (Still in Box) "Switch On" 12V Rule Pump.


MacGregor 65 for sale! email:

Sea Ya II motoring up the St. Annabaai River (Curacao, N.A.) for haulout June 2006.  With the large 5 cylinder 150hp diesel engine it is easy to control the boat.  In Puerta la Cruz, Venezuela several years ago we paid seven cents a gallon and filled up our 250 gallon tank.  The engine is efficient using little fuel.  


·  Manual Whitlock Helm System, Stainless Cable and Radial Quadrant.

·  New Binnacle Mounted Plastimo Compass 135 with Red Compass Card.

·  Fifty Two Inch Diameter Stainless Whitlock Helm.

·  Sunbrella Bimini which needs replacement Covers most of the Cockpit, Three Side Shade Curtains.

·  Small Drink and Dining Table affixed to the Binnacle.

·  AutoHelm 7000 Full Instrument Display.

·  Upgraded Helm Station with Twin Seat Back Supports.

·  Hydraulic Controls for Boom Vang and Back Stays.

·  Micro Commander Controls for Engine Throttle and Transmission.

·  Full Engine Display and Start/Stop Controls.

·  Anchor Windlass Remote Control which is inoperable.

·  Model ST600 Speed Sensor by AirMar.

·  Flush Mounted in Hull Depth Sounder by AirMar.

·  AutoHelm VMG Close Hauled Instrument.

·  AutoHelm Apparent Wind Speed and Direction Instrument.

·  Helm Station Sunbrella Storage Cover.

·  Cockpit Cushions recently upgraded.



MacGregor 65 for sale! email:


Standing on the Pilot House looking aft.  The athwart seat, aft of the helm, has two back rests that are presently folded down.  These back rests are a great addition when in the cockpit for any length of time.   The large helm wheel allows one to sit on either rail and sail the boat being able to see the head sail tell tails.  The single black lever just to the left of the binnacle is the entire engine & transmission control by Mirco Commander, which is used on Mega Yachts, the best throttle and shift control ever made.   The small rectangular box above the Micro Commander is Sonar.   The Radar screen was in the pilot house when the photo was taken.  We use the radar in the pilot house most of the time.   The middle of the cockpit has two ports in the master stateroom which is nice for getting air into the boat while sailing in a seaway.



MacGregor 65 for sale! email:


Sea Ya II May 2, 2004 near Bequia. We added dual cockpit backrests, a blue cushion is covering the high side backrest. These are very nice additions especially on long trips and sundowners. The old main was recently replaced with a Dacron full batten sail.    


·  Bilge Blower.

·  Fog Horn.

·  Numerous Flashlights.

·  Three 12 Volt Fans.

·  Three Portable 120 Volt Fans.

·  Numerous 120 Volt Outlets throughout the Boat.

·  One New (Still in Box) "Switch On" 12V Rule Pump.

·  Portable 3000 Candle Power Sealed 12 Volt Beam Spotlight.

·  Three only Mast Step Walkers.

·  Four winch handles, three winch handle holders.

·  Small Canvas Dodger that fits over the companion way for rainy days.

·  Portable Cockpit 12 Volt Light.

·  Boat Hook.


MacGregor 65 for sale! email:

Sea Ya IIs 10 x 30 foot (3.1 x 9.2 meter)Sunbrella Deck Awning with 3 foot (1 meter) Side Panels shades the boat from the mast to the stern steps. The Awing is supported by the topping lift and main halyard. Anne is standing at the end of the Awning. You can see the Bimini under the Awning.


·  Twin Spreader Lights.

·  Numerous Hand and Power Tools

·  Shore Power 316 Stainless Steel AC Inlet with Easy Lock System with locking ring.

·  Two Multi Battery Isolator.

·  Stainless Steel Weems and Plath Ships Clock.

·  Windsock by Sail Maker Bill Lee of Wisconsin USA.

·  Inexpensive Plastic Sextant and Instructions.

·  Spare Sea Water Main Engine Jabsco Pump.

·  Spare Zincs for Mercury and Kubota Engines, Propeller Shaft, Max Prop.

·  Spare Oil and Fuel Filters for Mercury and Kubota Engines.

·  Five Fenders, Chafing Gear and Dock Lines.

·  One Manually Inflatable Life Jacket.

·  Several Harnesses.

·  Four Tethers.

·  Four U.S. Coast Guard Off Shore type I Life Jackets, Contained in Two new Sunbrella Bags.

·  Stainless Staff for a Ensign.


MacGregor 65 for sale! email:


Sea Ya II May 2, 2004 near Bequia. With large tankage there is no need to carry worrisome water or fuel canisters on deck. The dingy is safe and secure in davits.  The old main was recently replaced with a Dacron full batten sail.   


·  United States Coast Guard Navigation Rules March 2001.

·  Nautical Chart #1 USA.

·  Atlantic Coast Light Lists; Volume II 1999 and Volume III 1999.

·  US Coast Pilot, Cape Cod to Sandy Hook, 30th Edition, #2.

·  US Coast Pilot, Sandy Hook (Chesapeake to Long Island), 33rd Edition, #3.

·  US Coast Pilot, Cape Henry to Key West, 31st Edition, #4.

·  Mariners Weather Log, April 1999, volume 39, #1.

·  Southern Waterway Guide, Florida to Mexico.

·  Cruising the Chesapeake by Wm. Shellenberger.

·  The Inter Coastal Waterway by M/M Moeller.

·  Cruising Guide to Cuba by S. Charles.

·  Atlantic Coast by MapTech, 2nd Edition.

·  The Cruising Guide to Abaco, 2000.

·  The Abaco Guide by S. Pavlidis.

·  On & Off the Beaten Path by S. Pavlidis.

·  Exuma Guide by S. Pavlidis.

·  The Turks and Caicos by Pavlidis.

·  The Spanish Virgin Islands by B. Van Sant.

·  Virgin Islands by M/M Scott.

·  Guide to the Virgin Islands.

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·  Windward Islands by C. Boyle, 2001.

·  The Gentlemen's Guide to Passages South by B. Van Sant.

·  Cruising Guide to Trinidad & Tobago by C. Doyle.

·  Streets Cruising Guide to the Eastern Caribbean, Venezuela by Donald Street Jr. 1980.

·  Cruising Guide to Venezuela & Bonaire by C. Doyle 2002.

·  Caribbean Tour Book 2006.

·  Yachting Guide to ABC Islands.

·  The ABC Islands by Waterson & d. Van de Rei, January 2006.


MacGregor 65 for sale! email:


Sea Ya II May 2, 2004 near Bequia. It is easy to set the main sail shape with the hydraulic boom vang. The controls for the vang and adjustable backstays are at the helm station.  We run the main sheet to a weather side winch which makes trimming easy.  The old main was recently replaced with a Dacron full batten sail.    


CHARTS: This is a partial listing. All the charts that we used to cruise for about 8 years are included. Cruising area is outlined in the beginning of this document.

·  Caribbean #2 Anguilla to Antigua C21 to C27.

·  Caribbean #3 Guadelope to Martinque C31 to C37.

·  Caribbean #4 St. Lucia to Grenada C41 to C46.

·  The Bahamas including Turks & Caicos.

·  The Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico.

·  Florida East Coast & The Keys.

·  Cuba.

·  Trinidad to Curacao.

·  Ft. Lauderdale 11470.

·  IMR D1 Port of Spain to Cabo Codera.

·  IMR D14 Los Testigos-Blanquilla.

·  IMR D12 Carupano-Cumana-Isla De Margarita.

·  IMR D131 Puerto Mochima-Bhia De Barcelona.

·  IMR D13 Isla De Margarita to Carenero.

·  IMR D22 Las Aves & Los Roques.



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After a few years we sailed west a bit to Curacao, NA.  Sea Ya II  haulout at Curacao, Opus Marine June 2006, just before pressure washing the bottom.  We had the bottom painted green at the time.  It is now black.

·  Mercury Cruiser Service Manual #21.

·  Mercury Cruiser Parts Catalog.

·  Kubota Diesel Generator GL Series.


MacGregor 65 for sale! email:

Sea Ya II, nice view of the 12,000 pound (5443 kilograms) conventional NASA 9% airfoil shaped lead fin keel with wings.  The keel is bolted to the hull with 13 one inch (25.4mm) diameter stainless steel bolts. 


MacGregor 65 for sale! email:

The huge Delta Fast Set 88 Pound (40 kilograms) Anchor is in evidence which is attached to 200 feet (61 meters) of 3/8 inch (9.5mm) G-4 High Test Galvanized Chain with Stainless Steel Swivel.   Yes, that skinny man on the foredeck and Anne have sailed Sea Ya II thousands of miles.



MacGregor 65 for sale! email:

Sea Ya II’s shallow draft winged keel allows the boat into most cruising grounds getting close to the beach where the seas are more quiet and the winds are lighter.  This fact makes for a nice safe and peaceful anchorage.   For you competitive sailors: The center of gravity on the deep fin keels and shallow winged keels is identical.


MacGregor 65 for sale! email:

Sea Ya II shows off her 63 foot (19.20 meter) long water line.  The longer water line means better; speed, comfort (smoother ride with less pitching), stability, tracking (ability to stay on course) and space to offer more creature comforts.


MacGregor 65 for sale! email:

Top: Black Sunbrella port lay up covers which keep all the sun out of the boat.   Note how close the feathering Max Prop (behind the tripod) is to the rudder.  This arrangement produces excellent boat handling especially when backing the boat.  Sea Ya II at Opus Marina, Piscadera Bay, Curacao, N.A.



We responded to a question from Australia about the strength and age of the rig. Here is our reply.

The rig is original 1994.

Each year Anne and I usually get to the boat in January. Before leaving the dock we go over the entire boat.  In January 2008 we had the standing rigging polished (yes you heard correctly - polished). During this process, in which I was totally involved, every inch of the rig including spreaders, fittings, pins and the like were inspected. No fatigue cracks or other problems were present.

The rig is a two spreader design with the shrouds attaching out board to the hull. All fittings are through bolted with heavy reinforced pads to carry the loads. Side shrouds, backstay and forestay chain plates are bolted directly to the heavily reinforced hull, not bolted to the bulkheads that are bonded to the hull. The hull at the chain plates is 1 1/4" (31.75mm) thick. The standing rigging is stainless steel wire 1 x 19 of large diameter.

The sail plan of the boat does not require a tall mast to drive the narrow canoe hull. The "I" dimension (fore triangle height which is the height off the deck) is only 62 feet (18.89 meters) and the "P" (mainsail luff) is 53.25 feet (16.23 meters). This type of design is commonly called a cruiser rig. Most of our sailing has been in the east coast of the United States and the eastern and southern part of the Caribbean. There is plenty of sail to drive the boat into double digits.

The mast cross section is huge, not large but huge. We are replaced the canvas cover over the mast partner sealing system (more on that if you want) with Sunbrella material to keep the sun off the area. We brought the drawing for this cover home and it shows the mast circumference to be 30" (762mm). The approximate mast dimension: 5 1/2" by 9 1/2" (139.7 x 241.3mm).

The mast steps on a transverse solid fiberglass hull beam, 20 inches (50mm) wide and 3 inches (76.2mm) thick including the hull. This beam also supports the forward end of the keel. The beam extends athwart ship to the upper and dual lower chain plates.

The hull is solid fiberglass laminates. No foam cores or the like. The boat is built to exceed the American Bureau of Shipping fiberglass construction requirements. The ABS certificate Class +A1 number LA23600-X dated December 15, 1994 for hull number 92 (Sea Ya II) is available.

How sure am I that the rig will handle the trip down under? If the rig falls down I will donate up to $20k to repair it. Also, I would love to be part of the crew during the voyage.


MacGregor 65 for sale! email: