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March 18, 2019

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Sailors, just like you, enjoy sailing a little more since using Shaft Lok. While sailing Shaft Lok locks the propeller in the most efficient position, vertical in the rudder and keel opening (if that is what you desire), for the best boat speed, quiet operation and without transmission or propeller shaft bearing wear life. The propeller is held stationary regardless of yacht speed. All that is necessary to release the lock is to start the engine and engage the transmission. Shaft Lok automatically unlocks.

Shaft Lok Prices:

Mod I $310 United States Dollars, Maximum Bore is 1 1/4 inches.

Mod II Easy Lok Bore 1.250 and smaller is $749, greater than 1.250 is $895, 2.000 or larger Bore is $939,

Maximum Bore is 2.250.

Mod II Easy Lok, High Torque is $1139

Maximum Bore is 2.250.

Mod III Easy Lok $1,095, with 3.000 inches or 80mm Maximum Bore $1,225.

Mod III Easy Lok, High Torque $1,390 Maximum Bore is 3.000 inches or 80mm.

Mod IV Easy Lok Price on Application Maximum Bore is 5.000 inches or 127mm.

The above prices include these Standard Bore sizes:

Mod I: 1.125 and 1.250. Mod II: 1.250, 2.000, 2.125 inches and 50mm. Mod III: 2.0 and 2.5".

All other bores are custom: Mod I and II EL $130, Mod III EL is $146 each.


1 to 5 feet $140, 6 to 10 feet $156, 11' to 15' $175, 16' to 20' $182, 21' to 25' $209 and 26' to 30' is $215.

Custom length Cables are included ie; 5.9 feet is $140.

Stock Cable: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 13 feet.

Maximum Cable length is 30 feet. Custom length Cables are available, allow one week for shipment.

A Simple Spring Locking System

The SSLS is $74, in lieu of a cable, three inches long fitted to the top of a Shaft Lok Mod II EL or Mod III EL Unit.

Approximate Boxed Shipping Weight in pounds: Mod I 11, Mod II EL 15,Mod III EL 23.

TO ORDER indicate unit (Mod I, II or Mod III), shaft size and cable length. Visa or Master Card or Wire transfers are accepted. If paying by Check or C.O.D. the instrument must be drawn on a United States of America bank.

To insure the Shaft Lok unit will fit use a cardboard rotor template cut in half; 6.75 diameter for Mod II EL and 11.75 for Mod III EL, with centered hole for propeller shaft.

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Maximum Bore 2.125 & 3.000/80mm
Width 2.000 & 2.690
Diameter 6.702 & 11.750
Weights 15 & 23 pounds.

For faster and quieter sailing...

Ken Nigel