The maximum propeller shaft diameter (bore) of the Mod III is 3.149 inches (80mm).

The width of the Mod I is 1.7 inches (43.2mm), Mod II is 2.0 inches (50.8mm) and

Mod III is 2.69 inches (68.3mm).

The diameter of the rotor of the Mod II is 6.75 inches (171.5mm) and Mod III is 11.75 inches (298.5mm).

The height of the unit M Dimension: Mod II is 10.5 inches (266.7mm), Mod III is 16.25 inches (413mm).

The coupling adapter series is no longer available.

The anti-torque bracket is stainless steel 1/8 x 1 x 1 inch angle 20 inches

(559mm) long.

The rotor hub is stainless steel.

Maximum cable length is 13 feet (3.9 meters).At times longer cables can be provided depending on the routing of the cable itself.

The stainless steel cable terminal thread at the top of the Shaft Lok Unit is 3/8-24.

Edited: March 31, 2016